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Don Rowe established Green Energy Controls based on a unique understanding of the building energy management equation. He has been both a facilities manager and a mechanical contractor, and is a strong advocate of automated control systems.

Many control manufacturers have adopted a common hardware and software platform that permits HVAC, lighting, power, security and other functions to be easily programmed using an open communications network. Direct digital controls (DDC) can also gather, calculate, evaluate and report system performance. The result is advanced control and energy savings never before possible.

Don has provided the value and reliability of control systems over many years, and is highly experienced with solutions provided by the Niagara Framework and their partners. It is the system of choice for energy management of commercial, institutional and government buildings; including the Byrne Federal Courthouse and William J. Green Federal Building in Philadelphia.

Where current systems may not have performed up to standards, Tridium partners have developed integrated solutions to operate legacy control systems. This allows the deployment of new technology without the prohibitive costs associated with a complete controls replacement.