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Whether you’re a contractor wanting more success with bids or service contracts; or a building owner or facilities manager seeking significantly improved building energy management, we can help you reduce energy consumption.

Even with the most efficient HVAC equipment, its operation accounts for most of the energy waste or savings. Today’s direct digital control systems gather more dynamic data from the equipment and building environment, using it to perform engineering calculations that produce comprehensive performance and energy reports, and predictive energy management.

What makes this possible is many control manufacturers have gone away from proprietary controllers and software and have adopted a common platform that provides open communications and programming from a diversity of products such as HVAC, Lighting, Power, Security and Audio/Video to name a few. The Architect, the Engineer and the Facility manager now have opportunities that were not available before.

We have adopted this common platform, and incorporated the most current control strategies to achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency for each project. As our primary products are Niagara based solutions, we provide more experience with this product than any other company in this area.

We approach each job as a long-term customer relationship. First, we listen carefully to you. Then survey the building to learn the scope of its energy challenges, its current systems’ capacities and demand-meeting capabilities. And determine whether their deficiencies can be corrected, their performance upgraded, or whether partial or total replacement makes the most sense. Only then do we make recommendations in the order of greatest impact. We’ll also track and document system-wide savings to help you capitalize on available utility rebates.

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