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Optimum energy management occurs when a building’s HVAC and electrical systems operate only as needed, at the precise capacities required, while matching changing load demand.

The truth is, few systems operate this way. Many buildings have no automated controls, so they run round the clock. Or they have malfunctioning mechanical devices or building envelope problems that allow outside air to infiltrate or building energy to escape. Green Energy Controls can help you identify where energy is wasted or lost, design an approach to address the problem and put affordable controls into place. So at night, everything that should be off is. And in the morning, everything that should be up and running is.

We utilize Niagara Framework infrastructure software. It’s an “open” user-friendly, web-based controls system that unifies diverse devices and systems – regardless of manufacturer, communication standard or software. So no matter what brand, size or type of boiler, chiller, ventilation, water or electrical systems you have, they can be linked, brought into operational compliance and run far more efficiently.

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