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Whether you view your building as a long term investment measured in total life cycle cost or as a short term asset you may be readying for sale, minimizing its energy consumption and costs are paramount.

Perhaps you are operating older legacy HVAC and electrical systems. They could be made more efficient through new automated controls, digital thermostats, sensors, air filtration and monitoring systems. Perhaps you already have a state-of-the-art system but your staff was not adequately trained, so it may require fine tuning or a once over inspection. Maybe your staff changed, taking their systems knowledge with them. Or perhaps you have a dinosaur of a system that needs replacing.

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Some energy consultants direct you immediately toward the most efficient, but all-to-often most expensive solution. While tremendous energy savings are welcome, the payback period and up front costs may be well beyond your time line and budget.

We prefer to evaluate your situation, identify specific areas of low efficiency or revenue, and help you arrive at the most realistic energy management solution – with a plausible price and payback.

We utilize Honeywell WEBS and Vykon open controllers and JACE® (Java Application Control Engine) network to integrate your mechanical equipment. Niagara Framework provides time scheduling and monitoring functions, as part of a complete control network for multiple building management. The entire system comes together via Tridium’s Niagara WEB Supervisor, with graphic displays and a simple, menu-driven navigational structure. Its key features include occupied/unoccupied time scheduling, system status reports, alarming, trending, energy modeling and grouping in unique classifications.

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