What are controls?

Controls are simply what operates a piece of equipment, for example, a thermostat that turns a unit on and off for cooling and heating.

Controllers open and close valves, dampers and may speed up or slow down fans and pumps for cooling and heating.

These can be connected to a computer where their operation can be viewed, schedules can be made to start, stop and adjust temperatures for the building.

Data can also be gathered to monitor the performance and energy used by the equipment and programs can be made to automatically change the operation of the equipment based on this data.

As the technology has been changing, the controls contractor is constantly learning more ways to utilize this technology in the products and services he brings to his customer.

With the experience we have in facilities, we look at the building as one system where the equipment operates together, to provide the optimum environment at the least operating cost possible.

Why are there so many to choose from?

There are as many controllers as there are types of equipment. It is our job to provide you with a sensible solution that will allow the equipment to perform as intended and to be easy to use. We test various products in house to make sure what we install at your site works as intended. We do not install the “latest and greatest” or beta products until they are proven and stable.

Which is the right system for you?

Contact us to schedule an appointment—we will come out and perform a free survey of your building and provide options that will best suit you needs and budget. If you already have a system in place, we can make recommendations on its operation and whether or not it is the right fit for your facility.

Here are some products to consider

The Tridium Jace

This is our most sophisticated product with many features and uses.

Controls HVAC units, mechanical room equipment, lighting and security.

Contains an operating system that runs drivers to connect to and control equipment and other manufacturers controls including lighting, metering, sprinkler and irrigation systems, electrical generators and switchgear to name a few.

Has a WEB server for access from the internet by PC, Phone or Tablet.

Has an email service to send alarms, alerts and messages.

We recommend this for the following:

  • Remotely monitor and control equipment
  • Change time schedules and override settings
  • Receive email alarms alerts and email messages
  • Record historical trend data to monitor operations and energy usage
  • Utilize advanced control strategies such as raising and lowering operating temperatures on large equipment and cycling units on and off based on occupancy or space conditions.
tridium jace



Many buildings have standalone thermostats controlling individual pieces of equipment. The building manager who chooses to upgrade his system to a networked solution such as the Jace would benefit from this product.

Directly replaces the thermostat without additional wiring to the unit.

Wired and wireless networking available.

Multiple options available to expand for additional control of the equipment for energy savings and monitoring.

Good replacement solution for legacy zoning systems such as the Carrier VVT.


Prolon is a complete control system for the office building using individual units or multiple building campuses such as a business park or college campus.

A complete control system with remote access through the WEB or a phone app.

Provides control of HVAC and lighting systems.

Can be connected (integrated) to the Jace controller providing a solution for the larger central system with outbuildings that can now be integrated into one unit.

This is a cost effective solution for the customer who desires the networking advantages for energy management and remote access capability.


Honeywell Redlink:

Redlink is a flexible control option for simple remote control of an individual unit and / or zoning system.

Programmable thermostats

Accessories for equipment control such as boilers and humidifiers, remote control to change temperate settings and schedules, entry exit etc.

Wireless communications and a gateway to connect to the building wireless internet for control through a PC or phone app.

This is suited for those who desire remote control and do not need the power of the Jace controller.


Easy IO

The Easy IO controller is our flagship product.

It can be used for virtually any control application.

It can connect to other controllers and manufacturers via drivers similar to the Jace.

On board WEB server for graphics and email services.

Programming can be done live and real time, no downloading required; this means you are up and running faster and changes can be made without interrupting operation of equipment.

Ethernet and Bacnet communications – can run on the building network, reducing the costs of installing network wiring.

Can operate as a stand-alone device or connect to the Jace controller as part of a larger system.


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