Byrne / Green Federal Building

The Byrne / Green Federal Building have been serviced by Green Energy Controls for more than seven years.

The control system replacement began with lighting control to replace outdated time clocks throughout the buildings.

Once the infrastructure was in place, the next step was to integrate the old Honeywell controllers to manage the HVAC equipment.

Next we added controls to the Byrne Building courtroom lighting to save energy when the courtrooms are vacant

With the American Recovery and Investment Act came out, GSA used the funding to replace the HVAC system in the Green Federal Building along with other improvements.

As the building remained occupied during this project, we developed a temporary control system to operate equipment during the construction and minimize operational costs.

Each room had three HVAC units to service the floor all were controlled by one massive panel in the middle of the room:

With new technology in controllers, we used individual panels for each unit, this reduced wiring and conduit and eliminated a single point of failure:

All of the controllers and panels were fabricated in our shop and programmed and tested before being installed on the site; this way when the equipment was started, the control immediately operated the equipment with only minor tuning required to adjust to the building conditions.


Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library


The focus of this project was the installation of a new HVAC control and environmental monitoring system to effectively manage energy and the preservation environment in the three major collection buildings which house collections of decorative arts and research material related to material culture as well as extensive programming, exhibitions, a library, conservation and scientific research facilities.

From an inspection of the control system, it was found to be obsolete and unserviceable. The programming software was proprietary which prohibited us from servicing or changing control sequences and the vendor no longer supported the product.


A new control system and front end was installed and gave it an updated appearance.


The job presented a challenge of removing the old system and replacing the new while keeping everything running:


Once the controls were replaced for the Fan units, numerous wireless and wired temperature and humidity sensors were installed throughout the museum.


The flexibility of the Tridium system enabled us to use the existing network wiring in the museum minimizing the impact on the collection.

This data is automatically exported to an environmental monitoring system used by museums via the internet and provides data to verify the outcome of the control system programming to control cooling and heating temperatures and reveal deficiencies in the HVAC system.

With this data, as we established air circulation to the fan units, we were able to reduce the outdoor air into the museum and reduce the heating capacity from three boilers in the winter months to one. Conversely once the controls for the cooling system were installed, we programmed the controls to adjust the cooling water temperatures upwards reducing the capacity of the cooling plant until the humidity demand in the museum began to increase.


This brought us into the cycling of the equipment during unoccupied hours for energy conservation; we determined the response of the plant to restore conditions was adequate to permit off periods as much as 12hours during temperate outdoor conditions; over time, we established indoor and outdoor set points to automatically bring the equipment back on to reduce manual intervention.


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